Vintage High Chair

I assume this was a high chair for children, but there is no way to secure them, so perhaps it was a tall stool.  One rung is missing, but otherwise in good shape.

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Convertible Antique Highchair

This would make a fascinating addition to a period dining room or baby’s room, or perhaps as a display for a large vintage doll.  The high chair’s spring mechanism (in the back where baby can’t reach it) unlocks the bottom of the high chair, flipping under to become a table and chair.  Not shown in the picture is the hinge that allows the food tray to swing up over the baby’s head.

The bottom rungs have become unglued and need a little TLC with white glue.  I would have to describe the overall condition as “lovingly battered”, but the original green paint and tin tray would look lovely with a bit of a scrub.

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