Retro Kitchen Chopper

Here’s a cool hand-powered chopper – the forerunner of the Magic Bullet, but it works when the power’s out!

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Vintage Gas Stove and Electric Refrigerator

Up for auction is a vintage Admiral refrigerator and Clare Jewel gas stove.  All the pieces for the gas stove are included, but some are rather rusty.

Feel free to bit separately; just be clear which one you want.

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Vintage Natural Gas Refrigerator


The freezer is in the upper middle compartment.


This is a Servel brand gas refrigerator, manufactured between 1927 and 1956.

This refrigerator runs on natural gas.  It needs servicing to be made safe and effective again.  However, there is a devoted fan base for these refrigerators, and parts can be ordered online.  You can also find lots of servicing advice and even some shops that can handle it.  The fridge was the subject of a recall and is recommended to be used in a shop or garage, not in your main living space, with a CO2 detector nearby.



Close-up of emblem.


Full view.